Zurab Baratashvili & E. Marie Thaut (SOAS, University of London) – “Sylheti passive constructions”  poster-Sylheti_passive_constructions




Emily Gref (SOAS, University of London) – “The Sylheti Storybook: A Work in Progress” poster


poster-Jonas-Photo 12-05-2016, 18 15 22


Jonas Lau (SOAS, University of London) – “Irrealis? Issues Concerning the Inflected t-Form in Sylheti” poster





Kathleen M McCarthy, Merle Mahon, & Bronwen G. Evans (University College London – UCL) – “The production of Sylheti stops and vowels by speakers from the London Bengali community” poster




Jean Rohleder (SOAS, University of London) – “Relative pronouns and question words”  poster-Sylheti_relative_pronouns




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