Siloti Nagri writing

In addition to the SOAS Sylheti Language Society lessons, if you already know a little Sylheti, Shantir Boi, a ‘charity book shop and library’* in London’s East End, at 49 Fashion Street, Shadwell, London, E1 6PX  – just off of the famous Brick Lane, has lessons to ‘Learn to Read and Write Sylheti Nagri‘.




Shanti Boi also sells some interesting books about and in Siloti Nagri, some of which are also available to buy on amazon. (Check back soon for reviews of some of the available books.)




*'[Shantir Boi is] a charitable organisation and [is] not-for-profit. [They] sell mostly Christian books, but [their] library is multi-faith. [They] come under St Helen’s, Bishopsgate and its charity number 1131501.’

Sylheti language lessons

The SOAS Sylheti Language Society has started its lessons again this year. We’re a collaborative teaching-learning group so all levels welcome to come learn and contribute. Lessons take place at SOAS, University of London, at Russell Square on Wednesday mornings and Thursday evenings. Check out our facebook page for times and room numbers. Contact  for any aditional information.