Storybook distribution – Getting it out there!

Distribution of the storybook ‘fuTae sillaito bag aise, aro duiTa kicca siloTi bashae’ / ‘The Boy Who Cried Tiger, and two other stories told in the Sylheti language’ is continuing as we get to the end of our first print run. Thank you once again crowdfund supporters!

All nine public libraries in Camden, London, as well as the prestigious British Library, have copies. You should also be able to consult copies at the Camden Council offices too. Shantir Boi, off Brick Lane, has copies that you can consult. And copies will soon be in the eight libraries and Idea stores of Tower Hamlets. Some copies have made their way to ‘Mulitlingual Manchester’ at the University of Manchester. Goldsmiths University of London has also requested copies.

And as always, digital copies are available to distribute and print freely.

If you know of any interested organisations – libraries, schools, after-school programmes, please contact us at Stroybook Poster-page-001

ISBN-13 : 9780728604100 (print edition)

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