An up-to-date update

As a new year of study and research begins, we’ve taken account of accomplishments to date: animated and subtitled videos of Sylheti stories, Sylheti dictionary app, Sylheti lessons booklet, hosting an academic conference that was a culmination of students’ work on Sylheti, crowdfunding and an illustrated storybook in multiple scripts, etc. See slides below.

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In the near future, look for the forthcoming publication of the academic conference proceedings.

Future plans include expanding the dictionary app with more words, sound, and images, as well as editing and publishing the expanded Sylheti lessons book, time and funding permitting…

3 thoughts on “An up-to-date update

  1. Atika

    Hello! I’m inspired by all the works you guys do and truly loved the picture book you published. I would love to record an audio with the picture book and upload it on my channel as a lot of people don’t know how to read the Nagari script. On one of my videos regarding resources to learn syloti-nagri, I mentioned the picture book and proved the link to my viewers. My blog site is and my YouTube channel is She Learns. I’m working to promote sylheti as an individual and independent language. Please let me know if I have your permission to record audio for the book. Thank you!


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