Sylheti language(-learning) resources

Here are some online resources to complement your Sylheti language learning.

1) the Youtube channel She Learns
2) the Youtube channel PhotonLearning has some older wordlists in Sylheti
3) the Youtube channel Twinklesangel1234 has five videos of mini dialogues
4) on Youtube Banglaview TV has newscasts in Sylheti – look for সিলেটী ভাষায় রাইতকুর খবর = ‘nightly news in Sylheti language’
5) on Youtube search for ‘Sylheti natok’ or ‘Sylethi natok’ or ‘Sylhety natok’ for local/village dramas and comedies
6) some poems (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) etc. and story telling (7)
7) prank phone sketches (1) (2) (3) etc.
8) some artists are subtitling their music videos, using various transcription systems (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) etc.
9) the Youtube channel MASLAHA that produces local London community videos, including in Sylheti

10) the site Sylheti Language Preservation with resources
11) the site Let’s Learn Sylheti with the Youtube channel Let’s Learn Sylheti
12) some literature resources at Sylheti Translation and Resources (STAR)
— with may more literature resources with the British Library’s digitized collection EAP071 (however, not all of the works written with the Siloti Nagri script in the BL’s collection are in the Sylheti language)
13) growing number of stories in Sylheti at
14) amateur news written in Siloti Nagri at
— and if you already know Sylheti and want to learn to write in the Siloti Nagri script, see SurmaFarorKhobor’s ꠀꠅ ꠘꠣꠉꠞꠤ ꠢꠤꠇꠤ [ao nagri hiki]
15) the Wikitravel Sylheti phrasebook (originally written for Indians literate in Devanagri script)
16) recorded phrases in Sylheti on the platform for Indian languages – Languages Home

And lots of other music!

Are there any other resourses that should be added to the list?

(Sylheti has lots of dialectal variation and a rich vocabulary. Most Sylheti speakers are multilingual so there can be lots of code-mixing/code-switching. And Sylheti has been affected by Bangla which socially and politically dominates so that many Sylheti words are disappearing, replaced by Bangla words. In short, there can be lots of variation in how one person speaks compared to another.)

2 thoughts on “Sylheti language(-learning) resources

  1. Nada que ver

    The Sylheti language lessons booklet would be brilliant if there was audio attached, but without it it’s not usable. Hopefully someone will do an audio accompaniment soon.


    • emthaut

      Lesson00 at the beginning provides a phonetic transcription explanation, with the ‘cut’ face to show where each sound symbol is produced in the mouth.

      Sound is always good where language is concerned (unless it’s sign language and then video is best). However, without funding to ethically pay Sylheti speakers to record the sentences and a programmer to embed those recordings in online accessible places, and then maintain those places online, and provide all of this to you for free, well, it’s only writing that we have to offer you, for free.
      You can donate to support us at:
      GoFundMe link:

      But, the best really is to find a Sylheti speaker to speak with – they’ll let you know prounciation! Or you could attend any of our free Sylheti language lessons…


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