table-posters-Photo 12-05-2016, 18 22 05Program for the Sylheti Language Conference on the 12th of May 2016

9:15-9:30           REGISTRATION
9:30-9:40           WELCOME
9:40-10:30         Keynote Speaker
                           Mark Sebba (Lancaster University) –
                           “Spelling Sylheti: Phonology and Practice”
10:30-10:45        COFFEE BREAK
10:45-11:15         “The Sylheti Project” presentation
presentation-Candide&Rob-Photo 12-05-2016, 18 21 41
11:20-11:50         Satarupa Sen (The English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad, India) –
                              “Mapping of Spirantization and Deaspiration in Sylheti”
11:55-12:25         Elizabeth Eden (University College London) –
                              “Does Sylheti have consonant clusters?”
12:30-1:00           Zander Zambas (SOAS, University of London) –
                              “Scoping out negation: a lexical functional account of negation
                               in Sylheti”
1:00-2:00           LUNCH
2:00-2:30           Robert Laub (SOAS, University of London) –
                            “Differential Object Marking in Sylheti”
2:35-3:05           Caoife Garvey (SOAS, University of London) –
                            “Relative Clauses in Sylheti”
3:10-3:40           Sarah Dopierala (SOAS, University of London) –
                            “A Cross-Linguistic Perspective on Converb Constructions in Sylheti”
3:45-4:15           Heather Brown (SOAS, University of London) –
                            “Additive focus in Sylheti”
4:20-4:50           Chris Tang (King’s College London) –
                           “The role of Sylheti in the investigation of the linguistic and cultural
                           mediation of disaster and health messages about heatwaves and
                           cold spells within the Bangladeshi community in Tower Hamlets”
4:50-5:00           BREAK
5:00-6:00           POSTER SESSION
Zurab Baratashvili & E. Marie Thaut (SOAS, University of London)  –
     “Sylheti passive constructions” poster
Emily Gref (SOAS, University of London) –
     “The Sylheti Storybook: A Work in Progress” poster
Jonas Lau (SOAS, University of London) –
     “Irrealis? Issues Concerning the Inflected t-Form in Sylheti” poster

Kathleen M McCarthy, Merle Mahon, & Bronwen G. Evans (University College London – UCL)
     “The production of Sylheti stops and vowels by speakers from the London Bengali community” poster

Jean Rohleder (SOAS, University of London) –
     “Relative pronouns and question words” poster
recording-Jean-Photo 12-05-2016, 18 21 01

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